How to Pick Books to Read

At a loss for how to pick books to read in your pro book club?  Here are some guidelines to help get you reading.

  • Know your audience and tailor your selections to it.  Some business “classics,” such as Who Moved My Cheese?, are pretty universal and will work for any pro book club, regardless of its focus.  Some genres have a similar universal appeal as well — biography, for example.  But beyond these subjects, try to tailor your selections to your particular industry and book club’s professional development interests.
  • Pick books that aren’t too long.  Many people find very long books intimidating, and no one wants to spend all of their free time reading a 1000 page tome for their pro book club.  Short to moderately long books are much more manageable.
  • Alternate topics.  Different genres of books will appeal to different people.  Some people may love “how to” books, while others may learn more from biographies.  Mix it up — biography, classic, industry-specific — for a more well-rounded book selection that will keep everyone interested.
  • Solicit suggestions from the members of your book club.  Maybe someone read an amazing book you’ve never heard of.
  • Read.  Many business magazines have monthly blurbs on new books or yearly lists of the best business books of the year.  Some professional organizations highlight books in their newsletters or publications.  Sources for potential pro book club selections are everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled.

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